About Us

Integrating tax technology and functionality into one seamless application is what we do. For tax departments, the record-to-report cycle involves several distinct processes:

  • - Tax Provisions
  • - Estimated Tax Payments
  • - Tax Compliance
  • - Controversy Management
  • - Tax Planning & Reporting
  • - Ongoing Departmental Responsibilities

In many organizations, the groups responsible for each of these tax mega processes operate independently. This forces them to move data across departments manually. Not only is this inefficient and time consuming, but it increases the risk of errors.

Because the tax cycle is integrated, we felt the processes should be integrated as well. TaxFunction is developing processes to make this integration as seamless as possible. Each department can work independently, while working from the same data set. Reducing the redundancy in operations as well as the risk of error.

Utilizing adaptive web-based-technologies allows us offer a solution to our clients that advances with technology and does not require frequent upgrades to software. This solution is backed up by the most recent and stringent security protocols. With an integrated solution like TaxFunction, clients can focus on putting the data to work…Not letting the data be the work.®Technology