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A comprehensive income tax accounting solution designed for accuracy and simplicity.

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Integrated Tax Lifecycle

The Tax Lifecycle is a continuous progression generally started with an enterprise’s annual income tax provision and continuing through the planning and forecasting phases. The process is tied to various regulatory deadlines and must be adhered to.



At the close of every year and quarter, companies recognize income tax expense or benefit in accordance with FASB Accounting Standards Codification 740, Income Taxes (ASC 740). ASC 740 prescribes the methodology for the recognition, measurement and disclosure of income taxes.


Due to the time constraints endured during the compressed tax accounting close, enterprises generally extend their tax compliance obligations to afford additional time to file income tax returns.


Companies prepare and file their annual income tax returns following a set of jurisdiction-based complex rules and regulations which are subject to ongoing change.


Due to the generally large cash outlays required during the tax year, tax obligations should be forecasted to ensure coordination with overall business operations.


Tax returns are subject to the scrutiny of the various taxing jurisdictions in which a company operates or may be deemed operating.


As one of the largest expenses on a company’s income statement, income tax planning is necessary to ensure obligations are met without sacrificing tax efficiency.


Companies need to comply with various federal, state, local and country specific rules and regulations to remit estimated tax payments periodically throughout the tax year.


Due to a multitude of factors, companies may be required to amend previously filed tax returns that may increase or decrease the amount of tax previously reported.

Latest News

IRS collects $1 billion from high-income people who owed back taxes

The IRS is collecting on tax liabilities that were not “even in dispute,” Commissioner Danny Werfel said, but the IRS did not previously have the resources to pursue payment.

Proposed regs. address interest recapture on excess COVID-19 credits

The proposed regulations apply to overpayments of interest on erroneous refunds of COVID-19 credits paid on or after July 2.

Tax pros: IRS improving, but getting the right answer takes too long

A survey by the AICPA shows that almost two-thirds of tax professionals say it takes over 90 days to get a substantive response from the IRS to correspondence.

Final regs. issued for 1% excise tax on corporate stock repurchases

The final regulations provide guidance regarding the reporting and payment of the excise tax on repurchases of corporate stock made after Dec. 31, 2022.

IRS issues final regs. on reporting requirements for digital assets

The final regulations require custodial brokers to report transactions on Form 1099-DA, which the IRS will release soon. A different set of final regulations with rules for decentralized, or noncustodial, brokers will be issued later.

CFO optimism reaches highest level in 3 years, new survey shows

Grant Thornton’s Q2 2024 CFO survey found that 58% of CFOs are optimistic about the U.S. economy — the highest level of optimism since the third quarter of 2021. Plus, a rising percentage of CFOs expect profits to grow in the next 12 months.

IRS collects $1 billion from high-income people who owed back taxes

The IRS is collecting on tax liabilities that were not “even in dispute,” Commissioner Danny Werfel said, but the IRS did not previously have the resources to pursue payment.

Taxed at work? 4 keys to staying healthy, happy, and productive

Practitioners who once contemplated changing professions share strategies that changed their lives for the better — at the office and away from it.

Financial restatements drop, a good sign for reporting quality

The number of financial restatements filed with the SEC dropped by more than 50% from 2013 to 2022, according to a Center for Audit Quality study.

Using case studies to boost student participation and performance

Incorporating the case-study method provides a way to improve accounting and finance student engagement.

Five minutes with...Mohan Nusetti

Nusetti, global tax head at pharmaceutical company Lupin, tells ITR about being a tax magician, military aspirations and what makes tax cool

HMRC loses ‘landmark’ R&D tax credit case

The UK tax agency unsuccessfully argued that a software company was not entitled to R&D tax relief

This week in tax: Global corporation taxes stabilising, says OECD

Pillar two anticipation may have led to stable international corporation tax rates according to the OECD; in other news, A&M has continued its lateral hiring spree

Australia: PepsiCo decision, petroleum taxation, and BEPS pillar two legislation

Jock McCormack and Jun Au lead off DLA Piper Australia’s monthly roundup by explaining the significance of the Full Federal Court overturning a decision concerning royalty withholding tax and diverted profits tax

Navigating tax compliance challenges for UK non-resident directors

With HMRC’s renewed enforcement focus, it’s as important as ever for UK companies to get their NRD compliance affairs in order, writes Lewin Higgins-Green of FTI Consulting

Labour’s landslide UK election victory: experts call for tax simplification

The party should aim to reduce corporation tax from 25% to 15%, one partner told ITR

Expanding across the pond: US sales and use tax guide

With 45 states imposing a sales tax, Michael Bernard of Vertex explains the key points to note for European businesses aiming to broaden their market and capitalise on the e-commerce boom in the US

This month in indirect tax: India hails GST anniversary

In-house professionals seek better technology, Belgium fails to progress with ViDA, VAT gap continues to fall in the UK, and more

This week in tax: OECD recommends higher US corporate tax rate

The US should gradually introduce a carbon tax according to the OECD; in other news, a former German bank CEO has been declared unfit to stand trial for cum-ex fraud

Italian VAT aspects of litigation finance

Paolo Ludovici and Pietro Bricchetto of Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici examine the Italian tax authorities’ interpretative position concerning the VAT regime applicable to dispute financing services provided within the framework of third-party litigation funding agreements

Updated TP guidance puts Singapore in ‘better position’

Singapore faces controversies with many trade partners and needs to constantly keep tax guidelines up to date, a local tax expert told ITR

Global contracts: ensuring the price is right across borders

Karanjot Singh Khurana of Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan presents an Indian perspective on the transfer pricing implications of multinational corporations entering into global contracts that could affect group entities

PepsiCo Australia IP royalties appeal provides taxpayer certainty, experts say

PepsiCo succeeded by applying TP principles and employing ‘proper advisers’ in the appeal, one expert tells ITR

Finding a way through the maze: developments in Indonesian TP controversy

Ichwan Sukardi and T Qivi Hady Daholi of RSM Indonesia consider the Directorate General of Taxes’ increasing reliance on technology in transfer pricing evaluation, litigation developments in the area, resolution mechanisms, and mitigation strategies

Amount A deadline passes without agreement

But consenus achieved on 'vast majority' of issues and countries are 'still at the table', the OECD says

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