Analysis: Concerns mount over QDMTTs, but countries press ahead

The rise of the QDMTT will likely change how countries compete on tax and transfer pricing policy, but it may not reverse decades of falling corporate tax rates.

FSIE regime expansion: Covering capital gains for Hong Kong

Lewis Lu and John Timpany of KPMG China discuss the coming refinement of Hong Kong SAR’s foreign-sourced income exemption regime.

China continues efforts to attract foreign investment

Lewis Lu of KPMG China looks at recent efforts to attract foreign investment into China’s manufacturing and high-tech sectors.

ITR Spring Issue 2023: Editorial

ITR’s latest quarterly PDF is going live today, leading on the EU’s BEFIT initiative and wider tax reforms in the bloc.

COVID behind plunge in UK tax evasion cases, say sources

COVID-19 and an overworked HMRC may have created the ‘perfect storm’ for reduced prosecutions, according to tax professionals.

UN public consultation highlights divisions over global tax policymaking

Participants in the consultation on the UN secretary-general’s report into international tax cooperation are divided – some believe UN-led structures are the way forward, while others want to improve existing ones. Ralph Cunningham reports.

Taxation of cryptocurrencies in Luxembourg

Vincent Martin of Deloitte Luxembourg details Luxembourg’s digital asset environment, as the country strives for a cryptocurrency-friendly tax landscape.

Sweden steps up its implementation plans for a global minimum tax

The submission of an interim report on Sweden’s adoption of the global minimum tax means another piece of the puzzle is in place, say Maria Barenfeld, Peter Nilsson and Tina Roth of KPMG Sweden.

This week in tax: Germany publishes corporate minimum tax plan

The German government unveils plans to implement pillar two, while EY is reportedly still divided over ‘Project Everest’.

An insight into the most taxing M&A issues in India

Aggressive tax strategies have become the norm and tax authorities are responding in kind. Uday Ved, N Krishna and Wrutuja Soni of KNAV India share their expertise on the central points.